Frank Underwood is as ruthless as ever in a new trailer for Netflix's House of Cards. The promo for the much-anticipated fourth season features Underwood addressing the American public from his desk in the Oval Office.

His message is chilling. "They say we get the leader we deserve," the newly-elected POTUS says as he stares at the camera. "A leader whose not afraid to look you in the eye and tell you what he believes," he explained.

With arrogance seeping from his voice, Underwood explains why America deserves him as president.

"I believe in putting people first. I believe in putting America back on track. I believe in opening doors," he says in the trailer. "I’m a humble man. I’ve never forgotten where I’ve come from."

It sounds like a usual spiel from a sitting president. However, audiences have seen Underwood urinate on his father’s grave, spit on a statue of Jesus, kill multiple associates, and still win the presidency. It appears that he will continue these violent antics in the next season, so is the infamous protagonist implying that America deserves a leader like him?

Apparently so, since he says at the end of one-minute promo, "I think America deserves Frank Underwood. And in your heart, you know I’m right."