In the past Florida thieves have stolen buttplugs and a rotisserie chicken, which together would make for someone's Friday night. This time a man from Florida has stolen a Yorkshire terrier puppy from a pet store in order to buy himself crack. He's lucky he didn't have to steal a snake since they just don't have the same resale value, or appeal, for that matter.

Last week police arrested 38-year-old Wayne Junior Barfield after surveillance video showed he stole a $1,600 Yorkshire terrier. Barfield snatched the pooch from pet store All About Puppies in Largo, Fla. and put it in his shirt before exiting the store. WTSP reported Barfield "traded" the nine-week-old puppy in exchange for crack and money. When authorities got a hold of Barfield they were still searching for the puppy, with All About Puppies even offering a reward, as Barfield refused to tell authorities who he had bought the Yorkie. But the Yorkie was found Wednesday, ABC reports, saying it was microchipped. The puppy is being checked to see if it's okay. 

Barfield has reportedly been charged with "grand theft, resisting an officer and not having a valid license."