UPDATE (1/9/16 8:27 pm):

We were gifted with not one, but two surprise TV spots for Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice today. Just a few hours after he dropped the first on his Twitter, another has been released by Warner Bros. Pictures.

In this one we get one of our first looks at Jesse Eisenberg​'s insidious Lex Luthor (with hair), and the introduction of Clark Kent to Bruce Wayne. Despite only being a 30-second clip, Eisenberg looks like he'll shape up well for being an easily detestable supervillain.

Peep the Luthor spot above, and check out the original clip posted to Snyder's Twitter below.

See original story below.

What Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice lacks in nuance it makes up for in intense, gritty action. Every single teaser thus far shows the two characters in the midst of an epic battle (one even throws in an extra combatant), and this new one, courtesy of Snyder's Twitter feed, is no exception.

In the stirring new 30-second clip, we watch as Superman (Henry Cavill) totally wrecks Batman's (Ben Affleck) Batmobile (rude). Batman is displeased. He climbs out of the wreckage of his car and asks his foe, "Do you bleed?" Superman, predictably, says nothing and flies away. "You will," says Batman to his retreating red cape. We'll have to wait until March 25 to find out the answer to Batman's pressing question.