What if we told you there's U.S. companies allowing and even encouraging employees' marijuana use during office hours? No, there's no catch. It's perfectly legal. As you may have already guessed the companies are in a state that's legalized recreational marijuana use. With studies proving marijuana use doesn't dumb down users and that marijuana isn't detrimental to users' health, could other companies also begin to allow employees to get high while on the clock? 

CNN reports Denver's Flowhub, a software company founded last year, allows employees to use marijuana at work. Co-founders Kyle Sherman and Chase Wiseman told CNN the "philosophy" at Flowhub, which works with the weed industry, is to get things done. "If it [marijuana use] helps our employees get work done, then we don't care if they consume at work," said Sherman. Leading by example, Sherman and Chase also use marijuana at the office. Because the building where Flowhub is located doesn't allow smoking, its 18 employees use "cannabis-infused edibles, sodas, and juices" according to CNN. 

The co-founders say they use marijuana at meetings to jog their creativity. "It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things," said Sherman.

Sherman and Chase said they haven't run into a problem with their marijuana policy yet.

Other companies letting employees use marijuana are High There! and MassRoots are social media sites for stoners, the latter described as a "Facebook for pot users." MassRoots cofounder Isaac Dietrich is especially privy to the work policy considering he said he was smoking weed when he came up with MassRoots which has $4.4 million in funding.