There's a theory, perpetuated by as many as two people, that asserts the religious status of goats to be one of general agnosticism. "Goats seem chill," this theory claims. "Surely that means they simply don't care to take a firm stance in any one direction." The evidence, namely that goats are in fact "chill," certainly appears to rule in favor of goats being agnostic.

However, thanks to a brief but loop-worthy clip from a Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church congregation member, the latest evidence suggests something far more definitive:

As you can see, that goat just wasn't having any more of that live nativity scene and/or Christmas play lifestyle. The audible laugh in the FOX 4-discovered clip, though a bit gratuitous, only makes the faux pas even more hilarious.

Agnostic goats? Nah. Given the assertiveness of this particular goat-turned-actor, one could argue that goats have now evolved into full-blown atheists.

Well played, goats.