Anyone watching videos online these days (and we don’t want to meet the person who isn’t) knows that you’re not getting anywhere without a good recommendation. This is why we have social networks, and all that stuff, so you know which cat video is the lulz-est. But at the end of the day, the Internet will always win for sheer volume of stuff, and you’ll finally just put your phone down feeling like the best stuff has somehow escaped you and most of what you’re watching is unwatchable drivel. Or, at least, that’s what life was like before Watchable, a new, FREE online video service that curates the best videos from the best digital creators, so you don’t have to waste anymore precious viewing moments getting all existential and whatnot. Whatever device you might feel like using—whether that’s your phone, laptop, or even TV—Watchable has you covered. With channels like Awesomeness TV, Flama, GoPro, Vox, BuzzFeed, and so many others, there’s always something for the video buff in you.

To demonstrate the power of Watchable, we created the video above, which depicts the exact difference between what’s "watchable" and what’s "unwatchable." Click play, and then toggle the video to switch between these two parallel universes. To get started using Watchable yourself—and, once again, it’s free—go to right now!