The airport can be a real pain, especially when flights are delayed and you're trying to decide if you have enough time to eat and pee comfortably. A man from Norway, who was running late for his rescheduled flight, thought it would be clever to call in two hoax bomb threats so his flight would be delayed. He was immediately arrested.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported that Svein Johannessen and an unidentified traveling partner wanted to desperately make their rescheduled flight on Thursday, December 4, so Johannessen made not one, but two calls to 911. According to Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan, Johannessen made both calls from inside the airport. 

Sullivan noted that Johannessen made the first call around 3:30 p.m. making a "general threat" about a bomb supposedly being located at the Terminal A baggage claim. The Philadelphia Daily News reported that an hour later, Johannessen made the second call and allegedly demanded that all British Airways planes at the airport be grounded.

After a thorough search was conducted, nothing was discovered.According to WPVI, the hoax bomb threat caller was arrested after the incident. Charges are still pending. Luckily, airport operations were not impacted. "The scene was cleared by 6:30 p.m," Sullivan said.