Since losing his Jesus mane for the Suicide Squad role back in March, the pressure has mounted for reigning Twitter champion Jared Leto to deliver a Joker worthy of a legendary canon that already includes universally acclaimed turns from Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger. Given the fact that Leto has been earning possible legend points by mailing rats to Margot Robbie, never actually meeting Will Smith, being both a good and bad neighbor, and other feats of method acting, the chances for a worthy addition to the canon seem relatively high.

However, if you still had your doubts, Leto is here to enthusiastically earn your trust and excitement. On Monday, dude took to the 'gram to share this gem:

As noted by Uproxx, those would appear to be Hot Toys' hyper-realistic maquettes of Nicholson and Ledger's respective Jokers.

We're pulling for you, Jared. You don't have to evoke the cosigns of other Jokers in meme form to convince us that Suicide Squad will push the boundaries of its unfortunate PG-13 environment in the same fashion as Nicholson and Ledger before you. However, if you're feeling generous, we'll certainly take some of that pie you've been giving out.