There are people whom we will gladly take advice and inspiration from. If Sylvia Plath did the creep out of her grave and quoted Beyonce, "Bow down bitches," who would not bow down? And, of course, if somebody famous tweeted out a picture of them looking serious, alone in a chair, most people would probably think it's normal. Who hasn't wanted to be captured in such a moment? Who hasn't asked their friends to take a pic of them so it didn't look like a selfie? Who hasn't set up a tripod to make it look like they have friends? 

Last night, Jared Leto, a man with beautiful hair, tried to show his fans his beautiful soul, too. And it's a joke. He tweeted out a picture of him, looking very melancholy in a lawn chair and attached a quote so inspirational it just came off as douchey. "If there is not struggle, there is no progress," like he had trouble sitting in a chair in the first place? 

And, thankfully, the Internet exists. He deleted the tweet, but it has created a surge of some of the best memes ever. 

Most people never steal money from their grandmother, and according to Leto we're going to be disappointed by that...