While it's difficult to fully grasp, there's a new type of computer that operates using quantum physics. Instead of the traditional binary code of 1s and 0s, this Quantum Computer, which Google purchased in 2013, uses this type of physics, which has the potential to make a computer a hell of a lot faster.

A video provided by Gameranx attempts to break down the mechanisms behind the Quantum Computer, and explores what this type of technology means for gamers. Well, for starters, quantum physics can make a computer work 100 times faster than a traditional one. The logic, at least at the base level, isn't too difficult. 

A regular computer uses a binary system, the bit, which essentially operates under a process of elimination to compute. The example used in the video is a math problem. Using the bit, the computer takes its time to eliminate what isn't the answer to find the answer. 

"Quantum computing is much more non linear and because of that it could arrive at a conclusion much faster because it bypasses a lot of the work," a Gameranx person explains in the video. 

Nevertheless, the people at Gameranx assert that it's all very new and theoretical, and while it has the potential to revolutionize gaming, for now it's very much in the early stages.