Truth be told, the career of Dustin Diamond—aka the curly haired actor who rose to national celebrity as Samuel "Screech" Powers on Saved by the Bell—had already been on a downward spiral (including everything from his insanely scandalous autobiography to dropping a sex tape no one wanted to see), but his lowest low would be what went down on December 26, 2014...a low that's landed him four months in prison.

Judging by reports on the 2014 incident, one would believe that Diamond was getting lit at a bar in Port Washington, Wis., with a knife on his person. The owner of the bar said that there was an altercation between Diamond and someone at the bar over some pictures that they were taking of him. A scuffle ensued, and while they didn't know it at the time, the person Diamond was beefing with was bleeding heavily from a half-inch stab wound under his armpit. Diamond knew that he f*cked up, and dipped from the scene with his girlfriend, quick, although cops caught up with him and his girlfriend in their white SUV, with the knife on them.


While the wounds weren't life-threatening, the situation was enough to land Diamond a four-month jail sentence (with 15-months of probation tacked on), which kicks off in January of 2016. Diamond says that "this situation will not be repeated again," but that remains to be seen. It's hard to believe that someone could have fallen so far. It's not surprising that anyone would be upset with someone snapping their photos while they're just trying to enjoy themselves, but to pull out a knife, fam? You're wylin', Screech, and one can only hope that this is as the "come to Jesus" meeting that'll help you turn your life around. 

It worked for Mike Tyson, right?