So I don't watch American Horror Story, and this is pretty much why. In the middle of last night's episode, Ryan Murphy's "horror" drama took a detour from the plot to show Matt Bomer having his own Drake moment. For some reason. Bomer shuffled around his very dark, only lit by random neon signs apartment:

He smoked a cigarette really hard:

And he even did the phone dance thing from the "Hotline Bling" video:

All before Lady Gaga (yep, 'cause she's on this show) walked in the room to stop whatever was happening, which is probably the nicest thing she's ever done.

Trends flourish and die so fast these days. "Hotline Bling" went from being the best video of the year to birthing several amazing memes to being absolutely abused by lames and overcooked by bad TV shows, all over the course of two months. RIP, "Hotline Bling." You had a good run.