Though one would like to imagine that simply being healthy has been a major concern of the human species since the dawn of time, recent years have surely experienced an apparent spike in health-conscious living’s mainstream impact. The interest is clearly there. But the action? Not so much. Compiled from data supplied by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a JAMA Internal Medicine report revealed that "more than three quarters of American adults" are currently overweight or obese. Additionally, the volume of obese people in the United States has overtaken that of the overweight for the first time in history.

Sensing the perfect time of year for such things, WalletHub decided to pair these findings with further research and some handy visual aids. In addition to the map plotting the states with the "biggest weight problems" above, WalletHub also delivered some handy lists of sequential numbers and depressing statistics, such as:


If you're only here for the easily digestible top ten list, enjoy that:


New York turned in a fair performance, landing at No. 35, while New Jersey nearly brought in a homerun with 49th place. The main point behind compiling these statistics in such a visually striking manner, according to WalletHub, was to highlight the very real health problem currently still maintaining a stronghold in this country.

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