When the internet, born of reality but often filtered through fiction, swiftly finds itself colliding with the very reality that bore it, what exactly happens? Does a crack in the earth's surface open wide to reveal the apocalypse-inducing German Devil Rat in its most mature and sinister form? Does the universe violently collapse in on itself while this decidedly creepy sludge pop version of Alvin & the Chipmunks' cover of "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" plays softly in the background loudly in the foreground?

Nah. But, upon the revelation that Netflix's office in Los Gatos, California had been tagged with "and chill," we do get half-panicked tweets like this:

Wow. That person is clearly concerned with how the internet's most championed philosophy, that of the "Netflix and chill," has finally inspired the end of the world, or at least the end of the phrase "Netflix and chill." According to Reddit user nicktrvs by way of the Daily Dot, the "and chill" tag was painted over within a matter of hours.

So, sludge pop and chill?