Starbucks "red cup" controversy who? That cup-gate scandal was so yesterday. People are now seriously pissed off that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Christmas-Tree shaped candies look more like poop than a holiday tree. Is this the new cup-gate?

The Internet is apparently not happy that peanut butter cups don't look enough like Christmas trees even though the candy company has been making Christmas-themed treats for years now. BroBible noted that Reese's also makes holiday-themed candies during Easter and Halloween, where the pumpkin-shaped chocolates look like a simple circle shape rather than an actual pumpkin. 

Twitter users criticized the design of the candy by suggesting that it looked more like poop than a tree, and after reading the poop tweets it's hard not to think the candy looks like a turd.

Although more people are upset over the holiday-themed candies, there are folks who would eat any shaped Reese chocolate because as one Twitter user pointed out, "What different does it make what these #Reeses 'trees' look like? They'll be digested." 

Reese's released a statement on Twitter apologizing for the candy saying, "We apologize, as this is not the perfect experience we hope for our fans."

Honestly though, does the shape really matter? We all know that you can't just eat one Reese's Peanut Butter Cups—no matter the shape.

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