The last few months have indisputably been some of the most successful President Barack Obama has seen in his two terms. Same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states; after a 7-year investigation and pressure from both environmentalists and conservatives, the Keystone XL pipeline was ultimately rejected; and Obama recently became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison in his ongoing efforts for prison reform.

President Obama celebrated with a brand new Facebook page under the official URL "POTUS" (which is maybe a little overdue?).  You may also remember he didn't "officially" join Twitter until May of this year. In his first official post to the page, Obama used his new platform to address sustainability, clean energy, and climate change (what a guy). Check it out:

His original page (with the Facebook URL "BarackObama") is run by Organizing for Action—the nonprofit that advocates his campaign initiatives—and seems to be fully functional still. But his new POTUS page appears to be independent of any campaigns, so much like with his Twitter account we'll likely be getting posts directly from the man himself. You can follow it here.