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Praise be to the streaming gods, as Marvel's clearly awesome Jessica Jones finally lands in queues everywhere in just ten short grueling days. Ahead of its release, Netflix has delivered what they're calling the series' final trailer, and it's practically overflowing with hype-fueling new footage. If this final peek at Marvel's latest foray into the novel-style Netflix format is any indication, the darkness is very much alive with Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones joins Marvel's previous Netflix offering, Daredevil, and is said to occupy the same tone-centered territory. "When we first sat down and started talking about Daredevil, what we said was, for all intents and purposes, it was a crime drama first and a superhero show second," executive producer Jeph Loeb said of the series during a recent TCA Press Tourevent. "One of the things we’ve talked a lot about is that [Jessica Jones] is in many ways a psychological thriller first and then a superhero show second."

One character who certainly, and rather suddenly, gets a great deal of attention in this final trailer is Purple Man. Otherwise known as Kilgrave, the presence of Purple Man (David Tennant) certainly adds a compelling layer of mental disruption to the cinematic proceedings. Clear your schedules for Nov. 20. You'll need roughly 13 hours to take the deep dive into the universe of Marvel's Jessica Jones.