As Marvel continues its glorious global takeover, the hype surrounding their forthcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones continues to reach new heights. As previously reported alongside a frustratingly brief teaser, the series will deliver all 13 one-hour episodes of its first season right to your digital doorstep on November 20.

Netflix, always eager to answer the question "That's cool, but what does it actually look like?", has finally stepped up to provide some visual proof of Jessica Jones' presumed awesomeness. Though Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad, Veronica Mars) will likely dominate screen time due to the fact that she so clearly is semi-retired superhero Jessica Jones, the rest of the cast is just as worthy of some proper shine. Ritter will be joined by David Tennant (Kilgrave), Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Carrie-Anne MossEka DarvilleWil Traval, and Erin Moriarty, among others. 

Though the superhero elements of Marvel's Jessica Jones will certainly play a role in the series' cinematic rewards, comments from executive producer Jeph Loeb at a TCA Press Tour event earlier this year imply a more subtle approach. "When we first sat down and started talking about Daredevil, what we said was, for all intents and purposes, it was a crime drama first and a superhero show second," Loeb told Indiewire. "One of the things we’ve talked a lot about is that [Jessica Jones] is in many ways a psychological thriller first and then a superhero show second."