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If you just had to know who was looking at your Instagram snaps, it might have gotten your account hacked

Apple and Google have both pulled the third-party app InstaAgent from their app stores after it was discovered that the app was stealing people's logins and passwords, and sometimes even posting ads for the app to their accounts, the BBC reports. 

The app, which allowed people to see which users were looking at their Instagram profiles was available in the U.S., but had proven extremely popular in the U.K. and Canada where it shot to the top of the app store charts. 

According to Apple Insider, a German developer outed the app as malware after digging into its code and realizing that users' Instagram account information was being harvested and sent unencrypted to a remote server. He posted his findings to Twitter.

The app was downloaded an estimated 500,000 times. Instagram is reportedly sending warning emails to users whose accounts were compromised.