On Friday police arrested Cory Curley, a 29-year-old ex-NASA cop who showed up to a job interview at the Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan with a loaded gun. Apparently Curley had a history of questionable behavior—he was fired from NASA while still in training for arguing with a supervisor, the New York Daily News reports

When he arrived at the Federal Reserve Bank for his interview, Curley reportedly told officers there he was armed and an active National Aeronautics and Space Administration officer. That turned out to be wishful thinking—he showed Fed security his NASA badge, but he didn't have an NASA police ID card, so Fed police detained him and called the NYPD. It turns out Curley had been fired on Oct. 8 and was using a badge that was never assigned to him.

He was also carrying a .38-calliber pistol plus two loaded magazines; police are still trying to figure out whether he was involved in a bomb threat they received earlier that morning stating there was a suicide bomber in the Federal Reserve Bank. Police swept the building when the call was made but found no evidence of explosives. Curley was awaiting arraignment on Friday in Manhattan criminal court—all because he couldn't resist showing off his cool NASA badge.

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