The death of Illinois police officer Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, originally thought to be a murder leading Fox Lake County police on a manhunt for three alleged suspects, was declared a “carefully planned” suicide two days ago. Investigators then learned Gliniewicz had been allegedly stealing thousands from the police department’s Explorer Post youth program using the money for things such as pornography. The ongoing investigation has since uncovered Gliniewicz plan to hire a hit man to kill a Lake County official investigating him. The rest of Gliniewicz’s past filled with red flags, including sexual assault and public drunkenness, has come to light after the Chicago Tribune obtained his personnel file. 

Gliniewicz's wild antics—even post death with cocaine being discovered in his desk–were such a problem that officers actually wrote a complaint letter to Fox Lake’s mayor about them back in 2009. The letter contains a laundry list of several incidents about sexual assault at department parties, complaints from local bar bouncers about his drunken behavior, misuse of police property. Here’s some of the incidents as listed in the letter:

  • “[Gliniewicz] somehow obtained control over a certificate for a free tattoo that was donated to the department. Used the certificate to obtain a tattoo while on?duty. The time was later charged as a vacation or comp day after members approached Chief Behan.”

  • “On several occasions at different department Christmas parties, inappropriately touched women (grabbed their breasts). Complaint was made to Chief Behan.”

  • “Various members of the department have been approached by bouncers from different establishments and advised that Lt. Gliniewicz had been escorted from the establishment in a highly intoxicated condition."

The Tribune also cited a May 1998 report about one of Gliniewicz’s drunken nights with a particularly horrifying story. According to the report, officers found him stationed on a road shoulder passed out in the driver’s seat of his truck with his engine on and foot on the gas. His car was towed and he was taken home later having no recollection of what happened, reporting his truck stolen.  

Gliniewicz's wife and son are currently under investigation by Illinois officials. 

[via Gawker]