UPDATE 11/30/15:

Sorry, moral serial killer enthusiasts. This probably isn't happening. Showtime confirms to the Hollywood Reporter that they currently have no such plans for a Dexter reboot, though I suppose you could cling to that word "currently" if you want.

See original story from 11/29/15 below.

In its first few seasons Dexter was one of Showtime's greatest accomplishments. The drama, which followed a "moral serial killer" posing as a blood splatter police analyst in Miami, brought in all types of acclaim for its inherently challenging premise and creepy lead performance from Michael C. Hall. It's been two years since the show came to a close, but now, after some time, rumors about a possible revival are going viral. 

Although there's no doubt that we are living in a reboot climate, considering Dexter's rather weak ending, it's difficult to believe it would be the first show making its way back into our lives. Head writer Melissa Rosenberg, who recently debuted the amazing Jessica Jones on Netflix, left Dexter after its fourth season, and things pretty much fell apart after that.

So where did the rumor start?

Well, the rumors have been going on for some time, but things really got moving on Thanksgiving, when the person running the series's Twitter account tweeted something uncharacteristic and seemingly out of the blue.

After that, fans' imaginations have run wild, and the Inquisitor published an article with a compilation of quotes from different people involved with the show who have either hinted at or expressed interest in a reboot in the recent past.

"Dexter is the only show that I would think about [continuing]. It's a question of when the timing is right," head of Showtime David Nevins recently said at a Television Critics Association panel. "If there's a willingness to do it, I would certainly listen. Certainly I'd look at Dexter."

Nevins also mentioned that there would be no show without Hall, and he wouldn't be interested in going forward without the actor. On Hall's part, he addressed the idea of a reboot while promoting his film Cold in July last year at Sundance. While he seemed skeptical about a Dexter revival, he did say some positive things about wanting to be on TV again in general.

"Yeah, as far as playing Dexter again for an undefined amount of time, that's a little daunting to consider. But doing another television series—there's a lot of amazing stuff on TV. I don't want to do that right away. But I wouldn't say never to that."