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Canada’s first Nutella Café has just opened in Toronto at the Spadina Sobeys.

The café busted open the doors on Friday morning serving a variety of sandwiches, made-to-order crepes, pastries and artisan breads featuring the much-loved chocolate-hazelnut spread. Not hungry? Don't worry there’s also a variety of hot beverages – all spiked with Nutella.

"At Sobeys, we aim to surprise and delight customers through extraordinary, unique and unparalleled experiences, and our Nutella Café does just that," Mary Dalimonte, senior vice -president at Sobeys, said in a release.

"We are proud to be the first in Canada to offer a Nutella Café to customers, where they can add a little joy to their day with the most tasty and delightful bakery items featuring the ever-popular Nutella."

Canada’s first-ever Nutella Café is located inside of the Spadina Sobey’s location at 22 Fort York Blvd from 7:00am – 9:00pm daily.