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Ben Carson, presidential hopeful and he of struggle rap fame, has joined Jeb! Bush in responding to the weeks-old question of whether he would kill #BabyHitler with an emphatic "nah."

Jeb weighed in (with a "hell yeah," by the way) earlier this week, much to the surprise of the Internet who had all but forgotten about this (kinda tasteless) arbitrary meme. To quote our writer Trace Cohen, "Adolf Hitler is not funny. Baby Hitler is still not very funny, but is slightly less 'not funny' than the adult version." Alas, here we are facing down this twisted test of morality from yet another presidential candidate. Here's the exchange via the video above:

"Dr. Carson, as perhaps the most anti-Hitler but also the most anti-abortion candidate, would you be in favor of aborting baby Hitler?" asks SBNation’s PFT Commenter.

"Oh my god," sighs an exasperated woman, echoing the sentiment of our collective nation.

Pausing for a quick second to think about the question, Carson replies, "I'm not in favor of aborting anybody."

So there you have it, guys—Ben Carson would definitely not "abort" baby Hitler. No word yet on whether Ted Cruz has phoned in a response to this meme that will not die.

[h/t: Gawker]