For those who think they've endured all the ghost-inspired terror they can possibly take with the first five entries in the Paranormal Activity series, producer Jason Blum has some tempting words of encouragement regarding the sixth and final installment. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension will, according to Blum himself, neatly answer any and all questions the audience has gathered since the highly buzzed-about debut of the original Paranormal back in 2007.

"I think the most common universal fear [is that] you're at home, you're asleep at night, and something is not right in your house," Blum says in the new featurette premiered by Collider. "The Ghost Dimension is the last film in the Paranormal Activity series, in this particular series, and what you can expect from this Paranormal Activity is that it answers all the questions. Every movie that we've done, we've kind of given a few answers but then posed more questions. This film answers all the questions from the series."

The Blumhouse Productions mastermind also says that the much-hyped 3D component of the film is instrumental in the final reveal of the mysterious paranormal force that's kept audiences wide awake for nearly ten years straight. Not into sleeping? Catch Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension when it crawls into theaters on October 23.