"I doubt if Jesus Christ himself could save you without burning his hands." If that sounds like it would make for a brilliant Empire line, well, that's because it is a brilliant Empire line. This week's episode, the poetically dubbed "Fires of Heaven," sees Cookie and Anika plotting a surprise performance behind Lucious' back that ends up catching the slightly meta eye of Pitbull, ingeniously guest-starring as himself.

Of course, any good familial unit enjoys a calm and united family dinner, making this first look at "Fires of Heaven" an important one. In addition to the brilliant "Jesus Christ" line mentioned above, the Lyon family exchanges exactly the sort of malicious remarks one would expect. Though Lucious argues that he simply wants his family back, something he claims he can accomplish with Cookie agreeing to abolish Lyon Dynasty, Cookie is less than convinced.

As much of the nation is already mourning the eventual end of Empire's homerun (so far) of a third season, recent news of a seemingly inevitable spinoff series should ease the sadness. "If there’s a character that feels original enough, has enough momentum, and enough of a storytelling engine, we will definitely look to spin Empire off for next season,” Fox TV Group co-chief Dana Walden said earlier this year. "We just want to make sure the right idea presents itself to the creators, and that it’s not something that feels forced or fabricated. We’re not going to rush anything. We want the writers to stay focused on making a great season of Empire this year."