The Martian starring Matt Damon dominated the box office in its second straight weekend of release, hauling in $37 million  to bring its total to more than $108 million. 

That was pretty much the only good news at the box office of the weekend.

Now for the bad: Pan, a new Peter Pan origin story is one of the biggest flops of the year, according to The Associated Press. The epic fantasy cost $150 million to make and only made $15.5 million in its debut, which is even less than the studio had predicted, and basically a death sentence for this thing making a profit. It landed in third place behind Hotel Transylvania 2.

Maybe they forgot that the only, great, live-action Peter Pan movie the world ever needed was called Hook, starred Robin Williams and came out in 1991, but anyway, Pan is a huge bomb. 

The Walk, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt as Phillipe Petit, the guy who tight-rope walked between the twin towers back in the '70s, also had a weak opening, making only $3.7 million after bringing in about that much last week in IMAX only. It's budget was a much more manageable $35 million though, so it still has a chance. 

Maybe they forgot the only movie we needed about Petit was called Man on Wire and is probably the best documentary on Netflix, but anyway, The Walk ain't doing so great. 

Steve Jobs, which only released in a few theaters in New York and Los Angeles, had one of the highest per-theater averages of the year ($130,000 per screen!). It would be pretty surprising if it wasn't No. 1 when opens in wide release next week.