In case you ever find yourself in need of some emergency ego checking, you can now find out exactly how your Uber drivers feel about you and your apparent aversion to tips. However, do take care not to employ the knowledge of this life hack while anywhere near an actual Uber driver, as some of them are periodically prone to running over people for such things.

Like any good rating system, there are five possible outcomes. Five, of course, designates the best possible experience which is surely a profound anomaly. However, according to Mashable, accessing this rating's certain death blow to one's self-esteem requires some mild effort just strenuous enough to qualify as relatively tedious.

After opening the app, users should select the Profile section located at the top left. After then selecting Help, users should pick Account to reveal the following option: "I'd like to know my rating." After agreeing to the report, users will quickly be gifted with a ratings report via email.

Don't enjoy shitty ratings from the people who drive you around? Learn to tip.