When a specific "type" of Uber ride is discussed in the news cycle, the usual narrative involves a knife-wielding driver, a self-touching driver, or a phone-destroying driver. The general theme is: driver gets weird, various weirdness ensues. However, Seattle is stepping up with a downright delightful alternative to the usual headlines-making type of Uber rides by offering free Mad Max transportation to those lucky enough to stumble upon one when ordering a car.

The rides were made available on August 28 and will cease to exist this evening. Uber devised the admittedly brilliant promo with the team behind the forthcoming Mad Max video game, currently making obvious waves at the ongoing PAX gaming convention in Seattle. If you're in the area, head here for information on ordering. "Your dollars are worthless in the Wasteland," Uber said in a press release. "Payment shall not be required."


Post-apocalyptic examples of reads-Four-Pins-twice aside, perhaps anything is better than drivers who kidnap drunk women and take them to hotels.