One frequent complaint from veteran Uber users, aside from the occasional (thankfully sporadic) reports of unsettling driver behavior, is the lack of an app-based suggestion feature for route-specific pickup points. In short, I'm using Uber to save as much time as possible — so why doesn't Uber jus tell me where to get picked up?

Recently spotted in a testing phase in San Francisco by TechCrunch, the feature is pretty self-explanatory — though, according to TechCrunch, it's currently only giving suggested pickup locations when utilizing your GPS point on the map and not an exact pickup address. The new feature is expected to continue popping up in different regions in the weeks and months ahead.


Uber is still experiencing tremendous growth across the globe, with approximately 50,000 new drivers added each month in 50 different countries. Sadly, far too many people — particularly here in the U.S. — are still forgetting to tip their drivers.



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