Donald Trump’s got enemies. He’s got a lot of enemies. Trump’s managed to piss off a group of Brooklyn witches with his ignorant, vile speech about Mexican immigrants and now they’re hexing him. 

Yeni Sleidi, one of the witches who enlisted the help of  her fellow “brujas” (Spanish for “witches”) and her mom who practices witchcraft, spoke to Jezebel 

With that the group decided to shoot a video to document their casting of spells to silence Trump and to curse him with a hair loss spell, like the one(s) evoked in The Craft.  

When Sleidi was asked which candidate she would cast a good luck spell on she said Bernie Sanders. “I’m not one of his crazed #feelthebern supporters, but I think he’s the only candidate who isn’t entirely disingenuous, especially since he released his racial justice platform,” said Sleidi. 

As Sleidi, and pretty much every Latino would know, Walter Mercado (famous Latino astrologer) has already said Trump has no chance winning, so everyone can rest easy.  

It should be noted that not everyone in the video believes or practices witchcraft, so you’ll have to invoke Manon to get the job done. As Nancy in The Craft once said, 

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