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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has officially hired Leigh Janiak to write and direct the forthcoming reboot of the 1996 witch romp The Craft. Janiak more than proved her prowess as a filmmaker at South by Southwest in 2014 with her directorial debut Honeymoon, a unique slice of American horror centered on the increasingly bizarre events plaguing a newlywed couple's honeymoon.

This Craft reboot will reunite Janiak with her Honeymoon co-writer Phil Graziadei, clearly a bankable duo. As THR notes, Janiak originally worked as an assistant before finally shifting focus to her passion for filmmaking — a shift which paid off with Honeymoon, and now The Craft.

The original film starred very 1996 versions of Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, and Rachel True as a group of witchcraft-practicing teens. In fact, all of this was so very 1996 that the movie was briefly and inconsequentially available on LaserDisc — a comically large relic of home video mythology that greatly predates even 1996, pictured below.

Image via Windell Oskay

I truly hope this reboot is a period piece.