Though unlikely companions Bill Maher and Bristol Palin obviously doesn't agree, the vast majority of the internet has championed young genius Ahmed Mohamed as an unfortunate victim of brazen Islamophobia. After being detained for bringing an ingeniously devised homemade clock to MacArthur High School following a bunch of dummies' decision that it was some sort of bomb, everyone took a quick dive into Twitter activism by bringing #IStandWithAhmed to the digital forefront.

Just days after revealing that he would in fact not return to the certified trash school that initiated this entire controversy, Mohamed's family has now hired legal counsel to ensure the safe and prompt return of the homemade clock ahead of Ahmed's previously confirmed hang with President Barack Obama. Dallas attorneys Thomas Bowers and Reggie London have been hired to "pursue Ahmed's legal rights and regain his science project from the Irving Police Department," according to NBC News.

Speaking to reporters following Ahmed's decision not to return to the aforementioned MacArthur High School, Irving Independent School District representative Lesley Weaver expressed minimal remorse and maximum predictability. "All along we had said he was certainly welcome to stay in our school," Weaver said. "We believe he can receive a quality education here in Irving. But we certainly respect the family's right to withdraw him."