New Jersey police have arrested a creepy Uber driver after video of him touching himself went viral. Nayal Salem, 57, has been charged with lewdness, false imprisonment, and harassment for ruining what could have been a normal, unmemorable ride from Sea Isle City, N.J., to the woman's summer home in Avalon, NY Daily News reports. Uber has fired him and noted he's no longer licensed to drive for them in New Jersey, according to NBC Philadelphia

When they reached his home Salem got out of the car and sat next to the woman in the back seat. He began rubbing himself over his pants and told her: "I love your body, my god I love your body. Your body is beautiful." She said she couldn't open the door to get away. When he asked her what she wanted him to do, she said to let her out. He opened the door and, lacking awareness of his creep level, said, "Have a good night. Call me, alright?"

Jarrett Abello, a friend of the woman, uploaded the video last week to make it spread without revealing her identity. "All she wanted was to get the word out about this creepy ass Uber driver," Abello said. "She was very disgusted, pissed off and looking to get some justice."