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A London woman was on her way to Sunday brunch when she received an unexpected voicemail from the Uber driver of a ride she'd canceled; in it, the man spends a minute telling her not to do that again and threatening to cut her neck

Anna Kealey, 28-year-old university lecturer, told BuzzFeed that she canceled the ride because she was feeling anxious. "The irony is I canceled the cab because I occasionally get panic attacks," she said, "and right after I called it, I began to feel anxious so I decided to walk instead to calm myself down and tell my friends that I would be late."

She didn't check her voicemail until midday yesterday, and then tweeted at Uber to fire the driver. Uber responded and urged her to get in touch with their support team. "That's completely unacceptable," they wrote.

Uber also released the following statement:

We have spoken to the rider to ensure they are OK and encouraged them to report this to the police. The driver has been immediately suspended, as is our policy, and we are investigating fully.

In the voicemail, the driver can be heard shouting, "Don't do again," repeatedly. "You're such an idiot. You bring here, and then you cancel. Don't do again, don't do again, don't do again! Otherwise I'll cut your neck."

[via Engagdet]