Less than two months after asshole dentist Walter Palmer killed the beloved Zimbabwe lion Cecil, a tour guide has been killed in the same park that was once the famous lion's home. Camp Hwange Zimbabwe confirmed the death in a statement via Facebook, revealing that 40-year-old Quinn Swales was attacked by a male lion known as Nxaha while leading a group of tourists on a walking safari tour:

In a separate statement, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said that Swales was attacked after tracking a pride of lions. "All efforts to save Quinn were in vain," according to the statement. Nxaha has reportedly exhibited signs of aggression in the past, according to the New York Times. A previous warning from officials stated "if you are lucky enough to see [Nxaha], be very wary. Undoubtedly, he is dangerous."

As for the aforementioned asshole dentist, he was recently spotted in Minnesota donning a smirk likely attributed to the recent reopening of his dental practice, which had previously been plagued by more-than-warranted protests and animals rights activists.