People don't like dentists. In fact, one could reasonably assume that most people downright hate dentists, dentistry, and all related matters. As many as 75% of people experience some level of fear or anxiety related to dental visits, making dentists far from the most popular people in the world or even their own neighborhood. Here to bump that number up to a clean 100% is Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, who reportedly killed Zimbabwe's beloved Cecil the Lion.

Cecil — who was 13 years old upon his death — was reportedly "lured out of a national park with food, shot with a crossbow, tracked for 40 more hours, then finished off with a gun," according to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. Palmer, his hunting partner, and the owner of the land bordering the national park are currently facing poaching charges and have assured the world they are in fact full-bred assholes. In fact, their assholery is further proven by the fact that Palmer paid $50,000 for the experience — an experience he claims to have believed was entirely legal. Palmer's representative says that he believed he "had the proper legal permits" and that Palmer "had hired several professional guides."

However, Palmer is also facing the wrath of an increasingly negative Yelp presence — aided by the series of lion-murder-referencing comments currently lacing the page associated with his dental practice. It's worth nothing that this wouldn't mark the first time Palmer has been the subject of public scrutiny following the controversial killing of an animal, as he admitted in 2008 to lying to federal officials about the death of a black bear.

Keep fighting the good fight, internet.