Pop quiz! Who’s Mr. Steal Your Girl?

A. Trey Songz

B. Tom Hiddleston

C. Benny The Bull 

D. Jack Nicholson

E. All of the above. 

Any of the above answers would be right, but E. rings the most true. At one point or another we’ve called all of these guys Mr. Steal Your Girl—Will the real Mr. Steal Your Girl please stand up?—but we can’t be throwing the title around like that. Except when you’re Benny the Bull who literally picked up some jerk’s girlfriend and stole her or the legendary Jack Nicholson, who took David Spade’s (yes, that David Spade) then-girlfriend from right under his nose joint. Nicholson hasn't changed:

Spade told Details Nicholson asked Lara Flynn Boyle out, Spade’s girlfriend at the time, right in front of Spade while they were all “smoking a doob.” According to Spade, Boyle was pissed that he didn’t do anything to stop Nicholson. He responded with, 

Boyle chose the road more traveled and went out with him, getting into a car crash with Nicholson where she allegedly crawled out of the car’s sunroof and yelled,

 It was over between Spade and Boyle after that, leaving Nicholson and Boyle to date from 1999-2000.

[via Vulture]