I'm so confused right now, and so is the rest of Twitter. Apparently, there's some tremendous disagreement—spearheaded by Run the Jewels rapper and producer El-P—regarding whether the adorable, proletarian bear family of children's book and TV cartoon fame are:

The Berenstein Bears
The Berenstain Bears

Of course, I'd assumed that they were the Berenstein Bears all this time, since '-stein' is a breezy, believable surname suffix for a lineage of adorable anthropomorphic bears! As a kid, and today, I've always pronounced it BEAR-EN-STEEN.

But the books say "Berenstain"! As do the cartoon production credits!



— el-p (@therealelp) August 6, 2015

Note that the series co-authors are Stan, Jan, and Mike Berenstain—a nuclear family of humans, not bears. It would be understandable, then, for me to regard the co-authors as the Berenstain family while regarding the bear family as the Berenstein Bears. In fact, it's easier that way. 

Fuck official sources and surnames. Let's just put it to a vote.