At the very least, HBO's Going Clear documentary has certainly reignited public interest in the multi-billion dollar religious organization. Of course, this interest largely centers around speculative concern for its reportedly abusive inner workings and its continued impact on one Tom Cruise. An active part of the Church of Scientology since roughly 1990, Cruise quickly became the organization's most widely recognizable (and bankable) member.

As speculation (and certain accounts in Going Clear) would have it, Cruise's devotion to Scientology has served as the chief source of contention in his personal relationships — including his six-year marriage to Katie Holmes, which ended in 2012. However, Cruise might soon be prepared to permanently exit the Church in order to reestablish his relationship with their daughter Suri — now nine years old.

Suri is reportedly quite close to being labeled a "suppressive person" by the Church, meaning Cruise's relationship with his daughter would suffer even greater strain in the years ahead. According to esteemed literary journal Star, this reality has proven enough for Cruise to finally eject himself from the organization. Losing Cruise could prove detrimental to the Church of Scientology, though John Travolta would likely be next in line for the controversial throne. However, as we all most certainly know:

Tom Cruise > John Travolta