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As we try to wrap our heads around yet another senseless shooting, this time in Lafayette, Louisiana, new information about the shooter, 59-year-old John Russel Houser, and his online presence reveals his disturbing support for Hitler and Timothy McVeigh, better known as the Oklahoma City Bomber.

Houser was a staple on online forums expressing his distaste for America. The kind of guy that would wear Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats and mean it. In a December 2013 post on a conservative Christian website called Fellowship of the Minds, Houser, who goes by “Rusty” said, “America is so sick that I now believe it to be the enemy of the world. I know next to nothing about Iran, but the little I do tell me they are far higher morally than this financially failing filth farm.”

On another site Houser commented on America’s decline and compared its “coming downfall” to something worse than a “Mad Max scenario.” Houser wrote about what he saw fit for preparation before that time came, 

His extremist conservative views were echoed in a Twitter account once connected to him in which he supported the Westboro Baptist Church: ‘The Westboro Baptist Church may be the last real church in America [members not brainwashed].’ 

A Google Streetview photo of Houser’s home in 2012 pictured a Confederate flag out on his front lawn.

This January Houser wrote on a website called stateofmind13 that, 

A separate post on the Golden Dawn website from Houser read: 'It is a shame Tim McVeigh is not going to be with us to enjoy the hilarity of turning the tables with an IRON HAND.'

McVeigh, responsible for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing which killed 168 people, was executed by the federal government in 2001.


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