Three guys in Michigan created what they are calling the "I Like Giving" drone, a drone used to bestow gifts on people, randomly, from great heights. These acts of kindness included delivering champagne to people on a boat, sending beach balls into a pool, and dropping a box of Krispy Kreme donuts on the hood of a cop car. (The donuts fell.) 

Although this idea sounds great in theory (and there is a cute song playing in the background of this video), we have some—okay, a lot—of questions about the sustainability of this venture. Sure, you sprinkled flower petals over a wedding ceremony—but dropping a skateboard into a park full of kids? What if that hit someone? If the guys on the boat hadn't caught the champagne, think they'd be look so happy? About the donuts—how do you feel about wasting a perfectly good dozen? You guys also sent money—MONEY!—flying down on bystanders in a park—are you trying to start an all-out brawl? Also where did the money come from? What do you mean you're a "nonprofit"? Does that just mean you spent all your money on these gifts?

We are confused, but probably not as confused as the cop who sticks his head out of his window after the donut drop-in. Anyway, watch the video above. 

[via RobBlissCreative]