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Imagine being married to a dude for 50 years when suddenly women nearly 50 of them begin coming forward to tell the world that your husband drugged and raped them.

That's the world Camille Cosby is living in right now, and the New York Post says it has talked to members of the Cosbys' inner circle to get an idea of what is going on in this woman's mind. 

Basically, according to the "insiders," Camille's saying that yeah, Bill Cosby has been cheating on her like crazy for years and she does not care. And all those women he gave drugs to? They wanted to have sex with him. 

Via the Post:

“Camille still doesn’t believe that Bill provided drugs and had sex with women without their consent,” said a source employed by the Cosby family. “She’s well aware of his cheating, but she doesn’t believe that her husband is a rapist.”

The infidelities were “personal, between Bill and I,” she’s told her circle, the source said.

According to the family source, Camille confided, “You have to allow for space to let your partner do what he wants. I have done that and [Bill] has done that and there’s no jealously, no friction."

Camille, who is also her husband's business manager, reportedly also had a meeting recently with Cosby's business team where she said "we'll fix this." Ironically, that might actually be the biggest lie she's telling herself.