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Have you ever wondered how people can get away with being so drunk and rowdy on airplanes in movies? (Pause to remember Kristen Wiig's first class scene in Bridesmaids.) As it turns out, people may not get away with those things IRL. A man on a Siberian Airlines flight was tackled, kicked, and physically restrained for being drunk and insulting passengers on Monday.

Vostok Media (link in Russian) reports that the man threatened flight attendants and was rude to other passengers who tried to stand up for them. One passenger captured this video (above) of five or six people trying to hold the man down, with one guy kicking him off-screen. Mashable has pictures of the man tied up with seatbelts and tape on the flight. 

The man was detained by local police after they landed. Where were the air marshals?

[via Vostok Media and Mashable]