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It's less than a week before the premiere of Jurassic World, and with that, we get this insane, international trailer—rumored to be the last official trailer before the movie comes out on June 12. 

In the past few months, we've seen clips and trailers that went heavy on the drama, and light on the dinosaurs. But this minute-and-a-half trailer has both. There's almost no dialogue, except for Bryce Dallas Howard (not Jessica Chastain) yelling "Run!" and one kid asking another, "We're safe in here, right?" Yeah, that's not a sign of bad things to come, at all. 

The rest of the trailer is pretty terrifying—and we even get a glimpse of Indominus Rex, the newest park attraction, being born. Oh, and then he's all grown up and wrecking havoc on hordes of innocent park visitors. Watch the ominous trailer above.