Morning talk shows are a notoriously weightless affair. After all, I suppose the heavier topics are best reserved for late-night titans like Brian Williams. On Monday's Live! with Kelly & Michael, a comically loud alarm interrupted the live broadcast — with co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan eventually deciding to just project their voices over the incessant wail.

Screaming as politely as possible to a producer off-camera, Ripa tries to confirm whether or not the broadcast is being altered by the sudden guest. "Oh," says Ripa. "It's not bad at home?" I suppose "bad" is a truly subjective term, as the four-minute presence of a blaring alarm on a classically tame morning talk show actually makes for a tolerably engaging viewing experience.

I recommend you pair this clip with a revisit of (remarkably stoned) Kelly Ripa's scathingly brilliant appearance on the most recent season of Comedy Central's Broad City: