Earlier this week, years of #donald4spiderman allegiance suffered a tragic blow at the hands of Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' joint announcement of Tom Holland as the new cinematic universe incarnation of Spider-Man. Some responded with a reactionary "Who?" while others compounded that question with "Why not Donald Glover?" or some variation therein:

Though generally a social media ghost, Glover has kept himself very aware of the Spider-Man rumblings — even offering his thoughts on the current fate of #donald4spiderman at Thursday's Magic Mike XXL premiere. Speaking to USA TODAY, Glover voiced his support for the casting decision while not entirely ruling out his own position in the future of Spider-Man (aside, of course, from his voicing of Miles Morales in Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors).

"If I was playing a high schooler," Glover says, "a lot of things would have been wrong." Stating that he was now simply "too old" for the role (Glover is 31), Glover proposed a scenario in which he would gladly participate. When asked about portraying Spider-Man — in any form — at some point in the future, Glover suggested that would only make sense if his character "ages up in the future" via "a Terminator thing jumping back and forth.”

Thus, #donald4spiderman lives on.