Clint Eastwood, unstoppable force of acting chops and white hair, is taking on a new movie at the age of 85. Following his work on American Sniper, Eastwood is set to direct the true story of Captain Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger, who in 2009 safely flew his flight into the Hudson River in a wildly celebrated crash landing.

Collider reports that Eastwood has teamed with Warner Brothers ("his home for decades") to make the flick. They also mention that Eastwood was considering directing a biopic about Richard Jewell, the security guard who stopped the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta, and a reboot of A Star is Born

Few details are known at this time, but we have some questions. Eastwood looks a lot like Sullenberger—will he step out from behind the camera and take on that lead role too? And what else will the movie focus on? Did Liz Lemon's boyfriend have a point when he scoffed at Sully and said this:

We want answers.