Rabhbir Singh — the owner of India Castle in Cambridge, Massachusetts — is likely not the most enthusiastic supporter of Ari Gold and the rest of the Entourage swarm. Speaking to Boston.com, Singh detailed the brief though baffling story of the mysteriously installed and swiftly abandoned Entourage poster currently mucking up the ambiance in his popular local Indian restaurant.

When initially questioned about the poster's odd inclusion among the restaurant's other decor choices, Singh apparently denied having any such poster — even stating he had no idea what Entourage was. After realizing what the reporter was referencing, Singh simply said "Oh, this? This has been here forever."

Though the original version of the article estimated "forever" as lasting approximately 11 years, a recently amended edition reduces that estimate to roughly 5 years. According to Singh, a representative from a local TV station struck a deal with the restaurant owner — let us install a new promotional image behind the locked case every two weeks, and you'll be rewarded with slight financial gain. After installing the Entourage poster, the representative never returned — leaving Singh without a key.