Forbes has crunched the numbers, and they have news: the price of weed has fallen in the states that have legalized it. Every pot-smoking, dorm room libertarian is going, "Aha, told you so!" right now. (Thanks for that, Forbes.)

Forbes analyzed a database of marijuana prices, submitted at a website called (it's not as sketchy as it sounds). Here's what they found:

In four states where pot has been legalized or decriminalized—Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska—the price of an ounce has fallen below $300, compared with the nationwide average of $324, according to, a site where users can anonymously submit the cost of weed in their area purchased either from the black market or legally through a dispensary.

But it's not as clear-cut as you think—Colorado, for instance, isn't the cheapest state to buy weed in, and if you live in Washington, D.C., an ounce of recreational weed will still cost you a pretty penny:

Despite a strong marijuana culture, Colorado is surprisingly not the state with the lowest marijuana prices. At $204 for an ounce of high quality cannabis, Oregon is the state with the cheapest weed [...] In Washington D.C., where marijuana became legal for recreational use in March but where commercial sale is still illegal, the price of an ounce of weed still costs $346.

Check out their map below for a state-by-state breakdown of prices: